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Fizz RGB

60% Gaming mechanical keyboard, ultra light compact 61 keys keyboard RGB, hot swappable red switch fully programmable

  • 60% layout keyboard for place saving
  • Hot-swappable design for more switch brand option
  • Durable ABS keycaps and mechanical switches
  • RGB per key backlighting
  • Detachable type C cable

$ 35

Color : Black

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Redragon / Keyboard

Tech SpecsIn the BoxReal Picture


USB (Detachable USB-A to USB-C)


Compact 60% layout 61 keys


Mechanical red switch : linear


RGB per key backlighting


Shine-through ABS



Detachable Cable


Tech Specs

  • 60% Wired & 2 Colors Keycaps: Redragon 60% keyboard in wired mode with fresh 2 colors mixed keycaps layout. Ultra-compact 61 keys with novel keycap color frees up precious desk space with vibrant elements.
  • Hot-Swappable Red Switches: Most quiet mechanical switch, linear and soft key travel makes every click easy to register. Hot-swappable with other Redragon switches. Made to last with switches rated for 50 million keypresses.
  • Vibrant RGB: Up to 20 presets backlighting modes are free to choose by the keyboard itself. Brightness and flowing speed is also adjustable on board. Select your own preferred modes for any playing.
  • Pro Software Customizable: Expand your options using the available software to design your own new modes and effects found on redragonshop. Macros with different keybindings or shortcuts for more efficient work and gaming.
  • Dedicated for FPS Gamer: Place the keyboard proper straight on your desktop and no more crooked way for mouse space saving, your mouse will never hit the keyboard any more. Enjoy waving the mouse without any worries and go get that Team Kills.
  • Ultra-Portable
  • No-Slip Stand
  • Hot-Swappable Red Switch
  • Pro Keyboard with Pro Driver
  • USB Connector Detachable Type-C Cable
  • Keyboard Size inches
  • Item Weight 0.59 KG
  • Keyboard Connectivity Wired
  • Matrix 61 Keys (Full Rollover)
  • Height Adjustable Yes

In The Box

  • 1 x Redragon Fizz K617 RGB Keyboard
  • 2 x Keycap and Switch Puller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 4 x Extra Outemu Switch
  • 1 x Type-C Cable